Hats On People: Karol Gajda

pattern: Tyson Hat, my pattern  
yarn: I Love This Yarn! in light grey and black (totaling 124 yards)  
needles: size US 9 / 5.5 mm

Karol Gajda (pronounced Carl Guy-duh) is one of the most honest folks I've met on the internet. In all the best ways, Karol shares his thoughts and ideas online, not as concerned with how folks perceive him as he is with how he is bettering himself.

Born in Poland, after living in the States for most of his life he is back in Poland (at least, he was when I sent him the hat) living and writing and causing mayhem. And apparently hanging out with people like Darren (in the second photo) who do amazing things.

I subscribed to Karol's e-mail updates, and was surprised to find he sent an actual note of thanks to me. Not a form thank you, but he actually said thanks. So I offered him a hat, and then thought he told me he was in Portland. I'm good like that! He giggled about it (I assume), and I giggled about it, and then I striped some grey and black yarn together for him and sent a hat off! I'm pretty sure he likes it.

Follow Karol's blog here, and his Twitter feed here.