insta-life 2.1.2013

Oh, this week. If I could take you and throw you out with the trash i would, most certainly.

I hurt my wrist knitting (it feels better now, though) and so haven't knit a stitch since Monday night. Then Tuesday night both Owen and I came down with the super plague that's been winging it's way around the world. We've been on the couch, shifting between sleeping and snuggling and crying (him, not me) and whimpering (me, not him) ever since.

I think I'm on the mend and will head back to work to pretend I'm part of the living. Owen keeps spiking a fever, then breaking it when the Advil kicks in, just to spike it again a few hours after the Advil wears off. Even baths aren't doing it for him ... he just sits there and moans dejectedly while we gently wipe the sweaty stink off and put some new jammies on.

All our blankets have been covered in either germs or puke (you're welcome) in the last three days, our kitchen is horrifying and the state of our family room rug ... well, let's just say I'm not super excited that anyone is going to be in our house today. But family understands that the plague does not a clean house make.

Thus far, Zach has avoided sickness, although he's gotten approximately seven seconds of sleep in the last 48 hours. He's been requiring me to take NyQuil for the past few nights to help get me better, while he takes the overnight shift with the sickie mister. So this weekend he gets to curl up whenever and wherever to take naps - Owen and I have already agreed upon this, regardless of how sick we may feel.

Here's to February, a few stitches (hopefully!) knit today, and the end of this plague!