insta-life 1.18.2013

Week two of school, and I am still loving it so much! I walk from work to class three days a week, and so far the cold hasn't been so cold I've missed driving. In fact, I find myself feeling a bit flushed and warm by the time I reach the campus bus stop!

I've loved having homework again, flexing my brain muscle -- just about the only muscle I've got! I've already learned so much!

I just love Ravelry, don't you? I traded some acrylic yarn from my stash for some washable wool from a friend's stash this week. She's going to use the acrylic to make hats for the Nebraska Hats For Hope Initiative (I still need to tell you about that!) and I'm using the washable wool for the Hats For Sailors project! We both won big!

Owen's been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days. Nothing huge, mostly just the 'daycare sniffles' as I like to call it. You know, when a kid goes to daycare for the first time and comes home with a runny nose? He's got that.

Thankfully, he's got a daddy who totally understands the best cure for the 'daycare sniffles' is some snuggle time and a foot rub!

I know he'll hate me for these photos someday, but I had to document his love of the tub. We spend so much time there that the water gets cold, we warm it up, and then it gets cold again before he's ready to get out!

A few of his favorite things -- his cat Bella, his bear Lotso, his blankie, and a long nap!

We like to spend our afternoons getting into things - mama's yarn closet, the printer, whatever we can find that we're not supposed to be into! Also a favorite? Power cords!

I know what you're thinking. "Oh, how cute, he's giving his mama a hug!" Yeah, he's wiping boogers in my hair.

Life with a toddler is nothing short of amazing. All the time.