Jan 25, 2013

insta-life 1/25/2013

It's been a week of drippy noses and thick coughs.  Poor Owen caught the "daycare sniffles" and has been off and on miserable all week. Most of the time he's doing great, but then a coughing fit will hit and he lays on the couch, or in someone's arms, and just sighs.

It was so bad last weekend we actually took Owen to urgent care. I'm pretty sure he thinks that just walking through their doors makes him healthy, because all sorts of kids were laying around with masks on and super sick, and there was Owen running around giggling, climbing up daddy and acting like nothing was wrong!

With a sick bud around the house, not much else has gotten done. A hat has been started, ripped out, and re-started. Some laundry, a few loads of dishes. But mostly we just snuggle, throw cars around the room, and snuggle some more!

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