Feb 8, 2013

insta-life 2.8.2013

What a week it's been! Between sickness and allergic reactions to medicine, the week started out just as crazy as the last one ended. Poor Owen is now allergic to TWO families of antibiotic, which makes treating sickness a fun little experiment in "will he or won't he break out in hives?"

Thankfully, this isn't our first allergic reaction rodeo, so we knew as soon as the spots started to take him to urgent care. A huge dose of Benadryl and a meds switch later, and he was feeling good as new.

Mid-week I took the first 40 hats for the Nebraska Hats For Hope Initiative to the Omaha VA Hospital Outreach Center. They see over 200 homeless and transient vets through their small office, and I'm hopeful that the hats will help keep these folks warm and cozy, and remind them that folks out there care for them.

Just after dropping these hats off, I received a HUGE bunch of yarn from an amazing woman in Illinois ... three stuffed boxes full! It effectively doubled my yarn stash, and is still sitting in the boxes while I figure out how to sort and store it all! I'll be sending yarn off to folks who want to help make hats for the VA Hospital as well, so if you're interested, shoot me an e-mail (see my sidebar for the link)!

Amidst all of this I've been trying to keep up with school work, and I'm finally back on track! I missed almost a full week of classes but I'm back in the game (albeit coughing like mad still) and excited to start doing research for a huge paper while reading away on some amazing plays!

A busy week indeed, although not too many photos it would seem. I'm hoping to grab more this coming week, thanks to an amazing post from Rebecca - great advice, lady!

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