life lately

While we may be spending FAR too much time in doctor's offices recently (sinus infection followed by TWO ear infections!), life has been so sweet with Owen lately. In the last four weeks or so ...

* He's figured out the cow says "moo", the cat says "meow", the dog days "woof woof" and the oink of a pig is the funniest thing he's ever heard mama or daddy say!

* He blows kisses and waves goodbye to everyone. Family and friends for sure, but also our checker and random people at the grocery store and cars as they drive by!

* He knows which arm goes into his jacket first, and just how to bend his second arm to get it in the sleeve easiest.

* He picks out his shoes in the morning. Sometimes it's grey with neon soles, sometimes it's blue and orange, and sometimes it's mama's or daddy's shoes!

* He got another hair cut and suddenly looks about twelve.

* He knows for sure what he wants and where he wants to go. We've been practicing not being demanding and trying to use our words.

* He for sure says NO. But he also says cat, mama, dad, grandma, grandpa, Maddie, vroom (the sound a car or train makes), huh (for yes) and a few others.

We've been trying to figure out how to work on linguistic sounds a bit more intentionally, as Owen loves the m, b, g, k, and t sounds almost exclusively. Which is a lot, I know. But at almost 18 months, we're hoping he'll hit the elusive "language explosion" that happens between 14 months and two years, and so we're thinking up new ways to help him "use his words" as often as we can.

At least five times a day I think to myself "this is my favorite moment ever" and I mean it every time. I've loved every age with Owen so far, but this toddler time is truly amazing. Terrible twos (which have definitely already started) and all!