Mar 21, 2013

500th Hat Celebration!!!

Yesterday I realized something which made me first laugh, then cringe, then tackle a major edit and recount. I realized I hadn’t counted well over 100 hats towards my goal! See, back in late 2009 I decided to challenge myself to make 100 hats and give them away, using different patterns for each hat and making all the hats over the course of a year. At the time this seemed like a wildly ridiculous goal and both Zach and I had quite a laugh at my audacity.

 Of course, you all know by now I finished those first One Hundred Hats and haven’t looked back (for the most part)! But what you may not have known is that, until late last week, those hats weren’t reflected in the total hat count; what’s more, there were dozens more hats I’d made between those first one hundred and my “official start date” of January 1, 2012 that were shared here on the blog but not counted. Silly Robyn! I gave those hats away, they most definitely should be counted!

After spending not as much time as I thought it would take, the hats were counted and I was shocked to see the count – 515 hats!  


You guys, that’s 1/20th of my goal! Huzzah and hooray and all that! I’ve been trying to come up with some ways to celebrate this HUGE milestone. At first I thought GIVEAWAY but then that would mean contacting a bunch of folks and asking them to give stuff to you and moderating comments and … I got tired just thinking about it all.

Then I thought HUGE CHALLENGE! What if I challenged you all to send me hats for Nebraska Hats for Hope Initiative! But is a challenge a good way to celebrate?

So here’s what I’m thinking. The best present for me, the best way to celebrate 515 hats is for more people to know about it. I figure, the more knitters know that I’m making hats and giving them away, the more likely those knitters are to want to give someone a hat as well. And the more this happens, the more hats will be given away, and the better this world will be!

So help me spread the word, won’t you?! Tell your friends to come visit me here, my little online home. Or share this post on Facebook (you can find me there as She Makes Hats!) so all your old high school buddies and distant relatives can get excited with us!

Tweet it, shout it from the street corners, however you let people know something amazing has happened, do it. Because this is amazing folks, and while I’m not usually one for self-promotion, in this instance I’m making an exception.

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