Jun 10, 2013

$3,600 For My 36th Birthday!

I can't believe that on Thursday I turn 36!

While this last year (this last decade?!) seems to have flown by, as I look back I can't count the number of things I am thankful for. My life is overflowing with goodness, and for that I am truly thankful. To celebrate we plan to order pizza and watch a movie (we STILL haven't seen Zero Dark Thirty, so I'm hopeful to finally check that one off the list), but I wanted to do a bit more.

And so like most of the best things I've done, last Friday I quickly set up a Charity: Water campaign to celebrate my birthday with a little more style. My goal is simple, albeit large - I'd like to raise $3,600 for my 36th birthday, helping bring clean water to folks in need. I love everything about Charity: Water, and believe the work they are doing is changing lives, communities, and our world.

I've run donation campaigns in the past, donated to other folks' campaigns, and even sent the entire office a box of hats once as a way to say thanks for all they do. I've got some big plans for my 36th birthday, which I'll share more about next week after the birthday celebration hang-over wears off (who am I kidding, we'll be asleep by 10pm!).

In the meantime, I'd love it if you would help me start my 36th year on the planet by making it a better place for some folks. Just $36 will bring clean water to someone in need, and will help me get a step closer towards my goal! Won't you donate today?!

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