Sep 29, 2014

September In Sentences

knitting sweaters for my babies, and so happy with how they're turning out.

snuggling a baby with a cold and several teeth popping out at the same time.

building shake-shake bridges every day.

drawing Thomases on repeat, complete with coal tenders and troublesome cars.

crocheting Impossible Hats as fast as orders are coming in.

reading An Abundance of Katherines in every spare moment I can find.

cooking in the crock pot at least once a week.

celebrating the first birthday of sweet Fiona, Lou's best friend.

watching football, football, and more football.

catching both baby kittens born under our porch recently, along with the mama cat, AND one of the adult boy cats as well!

overwhelmed by the number of people talking about my 10,000 Hats project.

driving to the Goodwill on repeat as I pare down like my life depends on it.

wearing the same grey shirt and ripped jeans on repeat, and loving it.

working on a fun (and big, and scary) project for 2015.

writing as many hat patterns as I can before Colin comes to town for a marathon photo session.

celebrating the coming of fall and the holidays.


  1. sounds great, its been a great sept...poor sweet baby, teething is hard on them and you..
    take care..

  2. Robyn, you are incredible, and I love what you are doing!! Go Go Go! :)

    Do you put any kind of marker in your hats that identifies the maker? Just curious.

    You are an amazing person and very inspiring. Everyone on the planet has ideas and many even start on them, but not so many stick to it and make it happen 'no matter what'! You really are making a difference.

    Have you considered what it might be like once you achieve the 10K goal? I can tell there are apt to be more great projects of some sort! :)