Holiday Bowl Knit-Along

Every fall, our home and lives are covered in red and white, and not just because I want to start decorating for Christmas as soon as school supply sales are done. We live in Nebraska, and that means chants of GO BIG RED and going to all the home games, and talking football and living football and breathing football for three full months.

This year has been especially hard for Nebraska fans, as we've won most of our games but seemed to lose the big ones, and then fired our head coach before the dust of the season had even settled. We made it out of the season still ranked (#25, but still ranked) and are headed to a bowl game, like we are  most years.

This year, we are going to the Holiday Bowl in December 27, and are facing off against USC. And while other Nebraska fans have a wide variety of thoughts on this, my first thought was, "My friend Elise went to USC! We should do a knit-along!"

I e-mailed Elise, she jumped on board immediately, and so the two us are knitting hats to celebrate our rival schools squaring off in just a few weeks! We chose my Hadley Hat pattern (available for free download!) - simple enough for a novice hat maker, but with stripes galore so we can show off our school pride!

The plan is to knit away on our hats between now and game day, and then wear our hats with all our school pride, as we cheer on our rival schools! I'm hopeful Nebraska will win, but with all that's happened this season, I'm just holding out for a loss that's not so bad I won't have to hide my face in my hat the entire game!

The best part of all this?! We're inviting you all to knit along with us! You can make a Hadley Hat in your favorite team colors, or you can simply knit along on whatever holiday knitting is currently on your needles - I know we're still in the thick of it, and most of us are just now starting to realize just how few days we have left to get those presents knit up and under the tree!

Share your projects on Instagram using the hashtag #holidayknitalong, so we can all see what you've been working on, Hadley Hat or otherwise! Me, I'm headed off to cast on my red and white Hadley Hat, and can't wait to see Elise's take shape as well!