this holiday season

It's a busy season right now, full of making. Making presents, making hot chocolate, making messes, and making memories. I've been knitting up a storm, all day every day, while we play and laugh and live life to the fullest.

Back in January I decided that my word of the year would be simple. And I've failed at it more than I've succeeded. But I find I gravitate towards quiet and small moments much more than I ever did before, especially this time of year.

There's so much to be done still this holiday season, but none of it involves rush, none of it is a MUST DO OR ELSE. The things that need to be done involve craft time, Christmas movies, hot chocolate dates, and stomping through the snow. There are presents to wrap and Advent calendars to keep Owen from opening all at once.

And of course there's knitting. Right now most of that knitting can't be shared, so I'm pretty sure this space will be quiet. Which has been the state of things lately, hasn't it? Quiet. It's felt good to be quiet here, to live this last season (or three) of life with my two little ones.

I keep coming up with big plans for 2015, and then discarding them. I love the quiet and the simple far too much to want to lean back towards rushed and frustrating and busy. I think I'll stick with simple.


  1. Good for you in keeping life simple. You are being a good example for your boys.

  2. This batch of photos is fantastic! The one of the snow is particularly beautiful. Thank you for sharing these.


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