Special Hat Shipping Times!

People are out shopping like crazy today. And this whole weekend. Every year for the last five or six, we've avoided the big chain stores this weekend, opting instead to stay home and drink hot chocolate, and figure out how many of our holiday presents we can get by shopping small.

If you're considering shopping small this holiday season, please consider a hat from my She Makes Hats Shop. Each Impossible Hat and Cozy Collection Hat purchase will send a child to school for a year through Pencils Of Promise. My goal is to raise $5,000, which will help send kids to school in areas of the world where education is not much more than a dream.

I've still got quite a long way to go with my fundraising efforts, but I know that the holiday shopping season is kicking into high gear, and I'm hopeful that folks will think about picking something up that will do a bit of good in the world, alongside keeping someone's head warm.

With this in mind, any hat purchased today (11/28/2014) or tomorrow (11/29/2014) will ship on Monday (12/1/2014). I'm hopeful that this will mean my fingers (and crochet hooks and knitting needles!) will be flying about like crazy in the next few days as orders come rushing in. There's already some READY TO SHIP hats available, but I'm committing to making every hat, in any color selected, ready for shipping on Monday.

This means I might have to head out to a store or two in the next few days, braving crazy holiday shoppers as I grab yarn for hats. I'm fine with this; I'm hoping this is the case, actually. If I'm out wrestling my way through crowds, it means people have bought hats, and helped send kids to school!

Won't you consider buying a hat from my She Makes Hats Shop?!