Jan 27, 2015

Flat Knit Hats For Babies And Kids

One of the questions I find I'm asked most often in the comments of my free patterns is how to make my hats knit flat instead of in the round. I haven't written any of my hat patterns with instructions for knitting flat because I am fully in love with my circular needles, but because so many knitters knit flat, I've got it on my list to re-write some of my patterns with instructions for both ways of knitting.

Because that's not probably going to happen any time soon, I'm going to share some flat knit patterns that should fit the bill while you wait! First up, flat knit hats for babies and kids.

Top Left: Aviatrix, by Justine Turner. (free Ravelry download) I've made bundles of these in the past, although I haven't made one in what feels like years. Might have to get back to it, as Lou is in the "rip all hats off my head" stage. It truly is one of the best baby hats I've ever used or gifted!

Top Right: Cool Wool, by Ekaterina Blanchard. (purchase through Ravelry) This pattern comes with instructions for both the cowl and the hat, with sizes to fit toddlers, children, teens and adults.

Bottom Left: Split Brim Toddler Hat, by Stranded Knitter. (free Ravelry download) I love that this hat is made using super bulky yarn; I can see it whipping off my needles, both for the toddlers in my life, and for charity donation! With just one size, it seems like this hat will actually fit a wide variety of kiddos, stretching from 17" to 20".

Bottom Right: Pilot Cap, by Theresa Belville. (for purchase pattern) This pattern features four sizes, from newborn through child, and is meant to give complete coverage for cold winter days. I've got this pattern saved in Ravelry and on my computer, but I'll admit I haven't knit it yet. 

Visit my Flat Knit Hats board on Pinterest for even more inspiration!


  1. I have made aviatrix a lot too, it's a beautiful hat. I have the split brim queued, but don't have much super chunky right now. I might have to double something up :-)

  2. Robyn,

    Another great post. You are a real inspiration and a fountain of knowledge. Thank you for sharing both your life and the patterns today.

    I love knitting hats in the round but I may have to try a few of the patterns you posted.

  3. I'm waiting for the knitting flat instructions for the Benson Baby Hat because I can't/won't use double pointed needles and can't fit the number of cast-ons onto my 16" circular needles. So I'll wait.

  4. The top left Aviation pattern says free download but it's not free.

  5. The top left Aviation pattern says free download but it's not free.