the first box for Syrian refugees

A few weeks ago I shared about the Salaam Cultural Museum, and how they are collecting items to send to Syrian refugees. My plan was to knit up bunches of hats and send them over, a box at a time. And then I got all busy making other hats, and didn't get a single hat into the box I'd set up.

Then last week, I decided it was time to do some clearing out; specifically, clearing out the stash of baby hats I'd been holding onto from when I made and sold baby hats on Etsy. It's been long enough now, it's time to let those hats go to some babies who can use them.

This photo contains 47 baby hats (and one pair of newborn baby pants) that I boxed up and sent. While these aren't newly made hats, they are handmade, and are donations, so I counted them towards my 10k goal. It definitely felt good to get them out of the house and on their way to some babies who will need them.

The next box I fill (and there will be more!) will contain hats of all sizes, shapes, and colors. But this box was just newborn sized hats. It makes me so sad that there's babies being born every day in refugee camps, so far from the homes of their families, with so little to help keep them safe and warm. These hats won't change the state of life for the babies, but it might give a bit of much needed warmth, and that's at least something.

I've already started adding Tiny Hearts Hats to the second box, and may need to re-think my "always ship priority mail because it's easier" approach this year; things could get expensive!


  1. I saw that post and have been knitting up wool hats in larger than baby sizes. Can you please email me information on how to send them? Thanks! willowknits at yahoo

    1. Hey there Willow! I actually list out shipping addresses in my first post about the organization, so if you just head back there (linked in this post), you'll find what you need.


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