Jan 20, 2015

Out And About And My Facebook Page


Thank you so much to Harper, who reminded me there's bunches of folks out there who don't use Facebook! I'd hate for all of you folks to not get the linky love because of your very amazing choice to stick off this type of social media, and so I'm revising this post.

While I will continue to share all my favorite links on Facebook, I think I will continue to share Out and About posts every Friday. I will be culling the links for these posts directly from the She Makes Hats Facebook page, so as to share the same links with everyone.

Over the last six months or so, I've irregularly shared some of my favorite links from around the internet via my Out and About column. I love sharing links in support of the people and things I love, but I'm realizing these lists have become only half-full. In truth, I'm pulling the links right out of my BlogLovin' feed, which is great except that's not always where I save the links I love.

I also have a Facebook page for She Makes Hats. One I've neglected off and on over the past few years, and when I have shown up I've used it for a wide variety of things. I've used it to promote my shop and  my newborn hats, and I've used it to promote charities I love. And I've totally ignored it for months at a time.

Until yesterday, when I realized it could be the perfect place for community, for sharing, and for all those links I love! I'm usually on my computer when I find something fun, and I always think I'll remember to mark it down for OAA columns, but I never seem to remember. Instead, I've been experimenting with simply sharing it to the She Makes Hats Facebook page, and so far it's been working like a charm!

So, while I love having the blog for sharing patterns as well as for yammering on (and on, and on) ... (and on) about hats and life, I love the immediacy and community that can happen on Facebook. So I'm going to give this a good try. I'll be posting here regularly still, of course, but I'll be sharing more over on Facebook. If you've got a Facebook profile, I'd love for you to head on over and "like" my page. I promise to only occasionally over-share links, though my goal is to share every blog post, as well as two to three links a day over there. So there will be sharing, hopefully just the right amount.

Like I said, I've only recently started to share, but I'm already loving the conversation that's happening. As an example, I've learned that UK and Australia knitters have totally different ways of classifying their yarn, so when I say I use worsted weight they're all WHAT THE??? Good to know, and now I can share a link that explains the differences! See, fun AND learning ..


  1. I enjoy exploring the links you've provided in your blog so I hope those of us who choose to stay off Facebook will still have some linky love!

  2. Oh goodness, I hadn't thought of that. Which is terrible, as I have several friends who also are not on Facebook! I may have to re-think how I do this, as I'd hate for folks not to get the fun links because of something like this! Thanks for the reminder!