Out And About

Earlier this week, I put pig-tails in Lou's hair, and suddenly she looked like a teenager to me. At the very least, like a toddler or a pre-schooler. It's still hard to believe this little nugget, barely 5 pounds when she was born, is about to be a year old!

Next month will be full of birthday party planning, and hopefully more learning to walk; she's "this close" to running around after Owen, and while I can't wait for her to reach that milestone, I know that once she does I won't be sitting down for at least a month.

We plan to spend our weekend acting like gorillas (Lou loves to pound on her chest like a primate!) and building train tracks around the entire house. While we do that, here's some fun links from around the internet for you to read! Have a great weekend!

Humans Of New York proves time and again there is so much good in the world. But this? This takes the cake!! They are helping change the lives of some amazing scholars and their educators, in one of the hardest neighborhoods in New York City.

I have serious googly eyes for the scarf half of the Freckles Scarf and Hat set from Ewe Ewe!

I love that Natalie is so in love with her city; I especially love Huck's hat in this post!

Speaking of Natalie, her openness in talking about her fertility journey is so inspiring. I feel you, sister.

Perennial is gorgeous!

I love Rebecca's honesty and openness about her marriage after ten years.

Once again, Kelli's feminist Christian take is spot-on.

Another capsule closet project. But this one has a list of where you can donate your unwanted clothes, one place for each state! Well done, Erin!

Oh my gosh, Karen managed to get some Hole and Sons yarn!!!