Feb 5, 2015

A Remnants Scarf

You know what I totally forgot about having short hair? I completely forgot just how cold my neck, and thus the rest of my body, gets when I don't have a thick curtain of hair keeping me warm! This is the first winter in like five years I haven't had hair that's at least shoulder length, and even though it's been extraordinarily warm most of the last few months, I've been extremely cold.And then, on Tuesday, it hit me why - no hair wrapping itself around my neck, keeping me warm!

What I needed was a scarf to keep me warm. Something simple that would use what I had on-hand, that I could whip up in a day or two at most. Otherwise I'd stall out, and would end up buying something from Target. Which defeats at least 75% of the purpose of being a knitter, doesn't it?!

To make this scarf, I grabbed several balls of leftover yarns - all of it ended up being Lion Brand Heartland yarn, which I absolutely love, although I didn't plan the scarf that way. I held a strand of dark grey heather throughout, and then alternated the colorful yarns one skein after another. When a ball of yarn ran out I simply tied on another one using the fisherman's knot technique.

I love this knot with a passion that's pretty unhealthy, but I swear to you it's totally changed my knitting game. I use it on wool and on acrylic (as I have in this scarf) and I have yet to see one of these knots come undone. IT'S GENIUS.


I used two strands of worsted weight yarn held double, size 17 needles, and worked a 1x1 ribbing over 21 stitches. I worked the scarf until I could wrap it twice around my neck with plenty of leftovers (as you can see in the poorly taken photo above), but I will most often wear it wrapped just once around my neck. And I may decide to add fringe, because I love me some fringe.

The coloring goes from a cranberryish color, to a turquoise, to a pale yellow, and finishes with a bright purple. The grey totally ties it all together, and I love how much I love it, considering just how adverse I usually am to cobbled together things like this. Maybe as I reach middle age I'm embracing my inner Molly Weasley a bit more? Hmmm .....

At any rate, I cast on for this scarf on Tuesday when we got home from our standing trivia friend outing, and by this morning I was binding off. I knit on it only a tiny bit while the kids were awake, getting the bulk of it done in just 90 or so minutes last night after everyone else went to bed early and I had a date with our DVR.

Now I want to make like 50 more of these, using up all my scraps, and donating them to various charities. It's addictive, this scarf. I don't apologize if you cast one on and find you can't stop making them. It's that good.


  1. Robyn - Love your haircut! And the scarf is great too.

    Kathie in Chicago

  2. I'm looking forward to trying this technique on my next project

  3. I love the scarf (and your short hair). What a great idea to use the one color throughout with the remnants of other colors. I'll have to try that.