Baby hat a day - January update

January 2015 - 16 baby hats
January baby hats are done, in a box, and ready to be shipped! While I started this project a few days into January, and I definitely didn't make a baby hat every single day of the month, I'm super pleased with how the first month flushed out, and am super pumped for this project to carry me through the entire year.

Baby hats are the perfect speed for me right now. While I'd love to be at the speed I was at before having two kids, making an adult hat every other day or so, the reality is there's just not time for that! Rather than slow up on my knitting goals, baby hats help me keep up with how much I'd like to be donating, while making it seem manageable.

Plus, how cute are newborn hats?!

Most of these hats are made using my Benson Beanie pattern, which is my favorite and go-to baby hat pattern. I've simply been grabbing a skein at a time from my stash and knitting away until I can't make a full hat from whatever's left. And yes, I've been knocking out most of my pink stash - with Valentine's Day coming up, I just kept picturing little baby valentines and couldn't help myself!

These hats are going to the wife of one of Zach's co-workers, who works in labor and delivery at one of our local hospitals. They love to put handmade hats on the newborns, and I know these will be loved and appreciated!


  1. Robyn, I found the link--thanks! I just posted photos of some of the hats I've made to send for Syrian kids.
    Is that self striping yarn in the top row hats? Cute!

  2. You did a wonderful job. I have used that the yarn you used in the first two hats pictured before. I love all the hats and I'm going to try your Benson Beanie pattern. I have been knitting hats and scarves for seafarers, I belong to a group with an ambitious goal for seafarers in 2015.

  3. I have been doing a 40 days for others challenge for myself for about 8 years now. I knit only for others during the Lenten season. I chose to knit for our crisis pregnancy center each time. I look forward to all the small baby things. It helps them and I use up lots of yarn that is otherwise too small to make anything else. Fun! Love the little hats.


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