May 14, 2015

Just Two Days Left ...

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the VERY LAST DAY EVER to buy a hat from me! I will be selling hats until just before I go to bed tomorrow night, and then I will remove all the listings from the shop. The shop will officially stay "active" until I get all final orders shipped, and then it's going away. PERMANENTLY.

Again, this is a decision that makes me super amazingly happy! I love to knit, and I love especially to knit hats. But most of all, I love to give hats away. The shop was opened, and has continued to stay open, only as a way to help bring a bit of extra income to my family, and I've always felt conflicted about it.

Now, thankfully, I don't have to worry about it anymore. I'm earning an extra income (and far more than I ever did selling hats!) thanks to Younique, and I am able to go back to doing what I love best with my knitting - making hats and giving them away!!

So you've got like 36 hours people. And then the shop is gone ... forever!!!

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