Slip This! Hat

pattern: Slip This! by Meagan Poteete-Johnson (free pattern)
yarn: Bernat Super Value, approximately 100 yards
needles: size 9 / 5.5mm circulars

It feels so good to be sharing a new-to-me hat pattern here in this space again! For so many months I've been knitting in fits and spurts, working from the same patterns on repeat. And while I love using my "old standbys", it felt amazing to get a new hat pattern on the needles.

When my friend Meagan shared a pattern she'd been working on in the Harry Potter Ravelry group I'm part of, I jumped at the chance to make it! Meagan has offered Slip This! up for free, which is such a gift to the charity knitting community.

Just a touch more difficult than a plain stockinette hat, the slipped stitches make this hat unique and a treat to knit. It really felt like it was flying off my needles, and I worked it up in just one day, which is super quick in comparison to how my knitting has been going lately. Life is full to exploding with park dates and play dates and Octonauts and clapping and running after one another, and I couldn't be happier. Of course, this means less knitting than before, but I'll take it. These days are but a blip in our lives, and I want to be present for as many as I can.

So the Slip This! hat is perfect for right now - it's just enough to keep me interested and excited through the entire knitting, while still simple enough to knit in those moments between when the kids go to bed and we crash under the covers, exhausted but excited for another day.

If you're a charity knitter, download this pattern - your needles will thank you, and your charity knitting will explode!!


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  2. What Harry Potter Revelry group are you a part of? I'm just a big Harry Potter fan and wondering if your group has any cool or fun HP patterns :)


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