Knit List || Hot Chocolate

I cannot begin to explain just how particular Lou is. She loves to have bangs, and will get crazy mad when they get too long and start to hang in her face. She loves to have pig tails or a top knot as well, and picks out which hair bands I should use.

She picks out (and changes frequently) the shoes she is wearing, and will stand in front of her closet with me, helping me decide which shirt to wear. If I should try to just grab a shirt or pair of shoes for her, she will protest QUITE loudly until she can have her say.

At 15 months old, she's got more opinions than her 3 year old brother!

Because of this particularness, I know I cannot simply knit her something and assume she'll wear it in the colder months. She's got enough opinions for our entire house, and so I'm going to have to run future knitting choices by her before I cast on. But boy, do I hope this Hot Chocolate sweater makes the cut! I love the boxy nature, the turtleneck, and the cropped sleeves. It feels very Lou to me, and I hope she sees that as well!

Until it gets colder and she can start helping me pick out some winter knits, it goes on my "here's hoping list"!


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