Vacation Baby Hats

Vacation knitting is one of my favorite types of knitting, if I'm totally honest. I love to dream big and pack enough yarn that I've got more skeins than days of vacation - you never know just how much (or little) knitting time you'll end up with, and I'm pretty sure running out of yarn is my worst nightmare.

So for our family week-long vacation, which included several longer car trips, a two-day conference, and plenty of down-time, I packed six skeins of yarn.


What you see above is the sum total of baby hats I made while on vacation, from those six skeins. Four hats. Four BABY hats, not even all that in depth or difficult, as the yarn was self-striping and patterning, so I was simply working a few rows of ribbing and then a few more of stockinette.

Needless to say, I brought home almost as many unused skeins of yarn as I originally packed. And you would think that might make me feel silly, but it definitely didn't. I was able to pull yarn out of my bag at a moment's notice, knit a few stitches (or a few rows) and never have to worry if I'd run out of yarn. I was prepared in case anyone needed something to do with themselves, which proved a perfect conversation starter on several occasions.

And above all, four new little babies will soon be kept warm by these hats - I've added them to the donation pile, and the whole bunch of baby hats I've made recently will soon make their way to a local hospital.

All in all, a good way to spend my vacation, if I do say so myself!

(these are hats 962-965 on my quest to make and give away 10,000 hats in my lifetime)


  1. 965 is amazing! Good for you! I wish I had thought to keep track of mine. I'll have to look back on my blog lol!

  2. Ah! I was thinking of you over on the 7th floor staff room just now and was wondering what your actual hat total was - bam I found it!



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