For The Love Of Babies

This fall there are a large number of babies being added to families I love. Some have been long awaited, and some were complete surprises, but all are about to be showered with knitterly love!

First up to be showered with love is a little lady whose mama and daddy have been waiting for for years. Four years, to be exact. To celebrate her impending arrival, I'm casting on a blanket - hoping to channel a bit of knitting karma, convincing her to arrive just as I weave in the last of the ends.

I love a feather and fan blanket, and the Transatlantic Blanket pattern is perfect for the bulky grey yarn I've had in my stash for longer than I'd care to admit. Four years, perhaps? Maybe I bought it knowing somehow that this little one would be coming someday, and that she would need a blanket? That's what I'll whisper in her ear, at any rate!