September Is For Baby Knitting!

Are you feeling the tug towards knitting ALL THE THINGS, like I am?! September always does that to me. I'll be floating along all summer, hit a point where I'm sure I'll never want to pick up yarn again, and then BOOM! It's September, and I've got a list three pages long of everything I want to make before the cold hits!

This year, I'm dividing up my knitting plans by months, and September is all about knitting for babies! Over at MAKE | GIVE | REPEAT (full introduction post on that tomorrow!) Heather and I are working all month on making hats for the Click For Babies campaign, so I'll hopefully pare down some of my rather ... extensive (cough) ... purple acrylic stash this month.

I'm also excited to use Ewe Ewe's Bundle Of Beanies pattern for much of my sport weight yarn this month - just one skein is the perfect amount for a baby hat, and I hope to have a huge pile to send to Syrian refugees at the end of the month.

On top of all that charity knitting, I've got a gaggle of little fall and winter babies to knit for - three boys and two girls, the first of which is coming in just a few short weeks! I've already got plan after plan for every one of them, but nothing will happen if I don't actually get things on the needles, so it's time to get busy!

You can follow the daily knitting adventures on Instagram, and I'll try to share finished projects as often as I can here as well ... especially sine I'm just 20 hats away from hitting my first 1,000 hats given away!! So much goodness planned for that huge milestone as well ... September is going to be a big knitting month indeed!!!