In Love With Everyday Worsted

So many knitters feel they need to choose between synthetic fibers and natural fibers - the wool versus acrylic debate has divided many a knit group, even if that does sound a bit more dramatic than it needs to be.

As for me, I live somewhere decidedly in the middle - I love all fiber, for the most part. As a charity knitter, I understand the place of acrylic in the knitting pecking order, and use it regularly and happily for many donations. So many folks do not have the luxury of buying yarn that's $10 or $20 a skein, and so many charities do not accept donations of wool for a variety of reasons.

Thankfully, the acrylic yarns being sent into the world lately are amazing - soft, supple, no pilling, and so many gorgeous colors. My one acrylic lament is the lack of self-striping and self-patterning yarns available. I'll happily buy two or three colors and make my own stripes and patterns, but I love it when a yarn company understands my laziness, and does the work for me.

It's with great pleasure that I've been using Deborah Norville's Everyday Worsted yarns lately, and for this very reason. Her solid colors are divine, but I find myself grabbing the self-patterning yarns on repeat. I can make a simple Tyson Hat and have it turn out gorgeous an unique every time, with little to no effort on my part, which is super amazing when I'm busy and only have time to knit five or ten stitches before moving on to the next item on the list.

I've used this yarn in the past for baby hats, and am happy to share that it looks gorgeous when worked at any size - people of all ages will love the hats made from this yarn! I've got half a dozen more skeins in my stash, and I can't wait to use them all up!

(Note: This is not a sponsored post - I'm just this in love with the yarn!)

The hats featured take me to 977 on my way towards 10,000 hats for 10,000 people. I should hit the first 1,000 in the next few weeks, and am excited for the celebrations that will commence. If you're interested in sharing about the virtual party or giving something away, please e-mail me!!


  1. It looks like a fast knit ; )
    I get the whole $ thing for charity knitting, but I sure do like natural fibres
    Happy knitting!


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