by: Robyn Devine

Moved by creative planning and life challenges, Robyn Devine found meaning in her life by . . . knitting hats?

She Makes Hats is one woman's story of finding meaning, purpose, and passion by way of an old-fashioned yet rediscovered craft. With a push from a friend, Robyn Devine, a thirty-something wife and mother, moved past her apprehension and began expressing herself through texture, color, and design, turning knitting into her hobby, her meditation, and a functional product that helps people all around the world.

Now, in an effort to knit 10,000 hats for people all around the world, Robyn contributes to a number of programs, aiding sick children, traveling artists, and newborns in other countries. Knitting remains a steadfast companion and leaves her blessed with worldwide friends, support, and the encouragement to continue her mission: to bring comfort, warmth, and the “sweet spot” fit of a knit hat to everyone.

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Ever wish you could travel back in time and give advice to your 18-year-old self? Well, these 12 writers did just that. Sort of. ADVICE TO MY 18-YEAR-OLD SELF is a collection of 12 letters from a dozen different writers, ages 20 to 58, who give advice to their younger adulthood-approaching selves. Contributions from: James Gummer, Colin Wright, Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus, Robert Isaac Brown, Colin Wright, Robyn Devine, Shawn Mihalik, Chase Night, Josh Wagner, Meg Wolfe, Samuel Engelen, and Markus Almond.

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by: Robyn Devine

In early 2010, surrounded by yarn I didn’t knit with and needles I never used, I took a stand, declaring myself a minimalist knitter. I did not use or need much of what I had accumulated in the many years of my knitting hobby – in fact, I found the greatest joy from the simplest of tools, the most basic of yarn, and the same patterns used repeatedly to make items for charity and others.

The Minimalist Knitter’s Handbook: Knitting More With Less is a full 50+ page e-book, packed with information every knitter needs to pare down their stash and start knitting in a new way – creating more finished knits with less surrounding them!

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  1. Minimalist knitting! This speaks to my soul! Thank you for putting that out there - I just downloaded your well named e-book and I look forward to smiling and nodding as I read it. Thank you!


  2. When the student is ready... the teacher will come. Thank you so much