Nov 8, 2012

a cable knitting trick

I've been in love with cables lately, working cabled hats on repeat for both the shop and for charity. And while I love a good cable, I hate ... HATE ... having to tick off rows on paper (or even a row counter) between cables.

And then it dawned on me. I could simply knit the number of stitches on the current cable for the row I was on, and I'd never have to tick off a row again!

 Confused? The photo above should help. For this cable pattern, there are six rows between a cabling row. So I'm on row 2 currently, and had to set down the hat. So I knit two stitches on the next cable (you can see those two stitches on the right-hand needle), and then set the hat down.

When I come back to it later, I just look at the number of knits on the right-hand needle and know exactly where I'm at! This way, I don't have to worry where I'm at in the hat (any of the cables in the row will do) and I don't have to carry a row counter or pen/paper with me anymore!

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