Sep 25, 2013

mitts for Colin

(collage stolen from Colin's Instagram feed, because that's how I roll)

pattern: Cigar Mitts
yarn: Patons Classic Wool, just under one skein
needles: size US 5 / 3.75 mm dpns

While it's been said I'm a bit of a hat fanatic, I also seem to find time to make other things on occasion. One such occasion is a friend heading to Iceland, England and a few other spots this winter. And when said friend is a crazy-pants style* minimalist (with everything he owns fitting into just a bag!), but still somehow manages to rock the hats I've made for him on repeat, the itch to craft becomes even more extreme.

When crafting for friends and family, especially when they own so few things, checking to be sure they'd actually like something is a plus. In this case, Colin (of Exile Lifestyle and Asymmetrical Press) said he'd love a pair of fingerless gloves to keep his precious money-makers warm this winter.
Done. And done.

Lucky for him I've got a go-to fingerless mitts pattern under my belt. Cigar is meant to have half full fingers and half fingerless ones, but I've made half a dozen pairs or so now with all fingerless digits, and every time I hand them to someone they love them.

Zach has three pairs - just saying.

Colin's heading overseas before the weather actually gets too cold, but it made sense to get these to him before he left the country, mostly so I wouldn't have to pay as much in postage. He got them the other day, and thankfully they fit like ... well, like a glove.

Consider these your Christmas gift, Colin - unless you decide you need another hat, in which case I will happily oblige. And don't let Josh and Ryan try to take them from you while you're sleeping ...

* let it be known I mean "crazy-pants style" in love. Always in love. Even if his total number of belongings is less than the number of things in my knitting bag.

Sep 23, 2013

It's A ...

We are so excited and overwhelmed to know (so early on!) that we are having a girl! Owen will have a little sister, and Zach is over the moon that he gets to have a little "daddy's girl" to love and dote on.

I can't believe we have to start from scratch with newborn clothes, but may have already gotten started .... a bit. Or a lot. Whatever. Now we just have to wait (and wait!) for our little one to show her face at the end of February!

Sep 9, 2013

halloween hats for the whole family!

Now that September is officially here I can finally start talking Halloween without sounding a bit like a crazy person. Which means by the end of the month I can share holiday thoughts without seeming too odd, right? ... RIGHT?!

Despite my love of holidays of all kinds, I'm not much for dressing up on October 31st. Which doesn't usually work in my favor as my husband used to be the king of Halloween. For reals, he ruled that holiday with an iron, and always well-costumed, fist.

Now that Owen is in full toddler mode and excited to pick out his own costume, and the looming thought of another little to dress up and go door-to-door with next year as well creeps into my brain, I might have to suck it up and get festive with at least my headwear.

Thankfully, Ravelry has almost 300 hat patterns tagged with the word "Halloween" - here's a few of my favorites for folks of all ages! (note: all links are to the pattern Ravelry pages)

Kittyville, by Kitty Schmidt
Kurbis, by natalja
Lael Viking Helmet, by Tara Murray
Zsa Mask, by Nele Peeters
Brain Hat, by Alana Noritake
Ood Ski Mask, by Lilana Wofsey Dohnert
Dr. Zoidberg, by Kate Quinn
Lassie Wig Hat, by Charlotte W.
Princess Leia Hat, by Amanda Kaffka
Mummy Hat, by Tara Murray

Sep 3, 2013

have you heard the one about each pregnancy being different?

Yeah ... that's me, just over the 12 week mark, clearly ready to party like I am having ten babies instead of just one. You know what they say about your body just going, "Hey, a baby is in here! I should make room ..."? Well, my body totally did that. Like, right away. As in, I've been rocking maternity jeans for like a month already (and loving every minute of it). Also, my butt has already gotten bigger. What the???

I should have known this pregnancy would be different. Every person is different, so why would carrying a person be the exact same as the last time? Instead, I thought, "I've done this before, I know what to expect" ... hah! Famous last words.

I have spent most of my summer in one of two places - head stuck in the toilet or entire body in the fetal on the bed, pretending I can get some sleep. The first trimester has been difficult, to put it mildly. With Owen I felt a bit sick most of the first 12 weeks, but a few Cheese-Its in my tummy and I was good to go. This time around I have thrown up my first sips of water in the morning, entire meals, and everything in between. It has not been fun. I think I'm starting to come out of the worst of it. I still find myself feeling sick on and off all day, but the bulk of the exhaustion has worn off, so I guess that's good?

Now that fall is just around the corner (please? maybe? hope upon hope?) we are starting to move everything around in our house, dismantle the office to make room for a nursery, and in a few months we'll get down to the dirty work of bringing all Owen's clothes out from storage to decide what will work this time around and what won't. So much to do, so little energy to do it in.

For those who will ask, we did fertility treatments this time just like we did with Owen. That journey was also incredibly different than the first time around (sensing a pattern here?), but ultimately I wouldn't trade it for anything. And for those in Omaha, Dr. Meghan Oakes -- she is a goddess and a genius and the best fertility doc a gal could ask for. Tell her we sent you.

I'm excited to share this journey here on the blog, just as I did when I was pregnant with Owen. Coming soon, a few things that I've been leaning on this time around, my big "what to knit for this kid" list (he/she will be born in late February, so the knitting list is even longer than the first time around!) and some thoughts as I move into my second trimester.

While I'll keep focused on knitting hats and giving them away this fall and winter, with something this big happening in our family there's no way I can't share at least a little bit!

What sorts of pregnancy/baby related things would you love to read about? I want to make sure you get as much dish as you need!