May 28, 2014

Building A Hat Knitting Kit

Lately I've had a few folks ask me to help them learn to knit hats, which is just about the greatest thing a person can ask of me, to be honest. While some of these folks are local (and I'm working on some learn-to-knit classes for them), at least one of these folks is far away.

So how do you help someone learn to knit hats from a distance? Well, it helps if they already know how to knit, which this person does. With the basics under her belt, turning a sometimes-knitter into a hat knitting addict simply takes the right tools - some yarn, a few patterns, and the right needles.

I grabbed a few skeins of Wool Ease from my stash to add to the package first. All of these are full skeins, even though some don't have their ball bands and one had already been wound into a yarn cake. These being full skeins means my friend will be able to get at least one hat per skein, with enough left over for either a second hat or some stripes.

Once you've got your yarn, you need the right needles. For me, that's 16" circular bamboo needles and accompanying double points. Oh, and a few patterns and a cable needle, just in case. Some knitters prefer metal needles at every size, but I love the feel of bamboo, so I hand them out like candy.

All of this went into a package, with a few patterns thrown in for good measure. And then the box was sent off to sunny California, where hopefully some hats are already being made! If your knitter doesn't need needles, or already has yarn, your knit kit might look a bit different.

I didn't have to include stitch markers, a tape measure or scissors, for instance - this knitter already had those tools on-hand. But building a knit kit is a great way to turn just about anyone you know into a hat knitting addict!

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