Dec 8, 2014


Well, Thursday I said I'd be talking more about tackling my stash "tomorrow", so let's pretend that this is tomorrow, and not several days later!

The short version is this. My stash has gotten out of control, and for someone struggling to live a simple and pared down life, the amount of yarn I've accumulated almost feels like its mocking me, not so silently, from the bedroom closet. Compared to other knitters my stash is meager at best, but I also know that it is far too much for me. I'm at the point where, when I'm ready to make something new, I head to the store instead of digging through what I've already got, which is how I know I'm overwhelmed.

And while I'm in the throes of holiday making right now, I also know that this handmade gifting season will be done before I know it, and I'll be back on track with making hats to give away. Which means I need a plan. (oh, how I love a good plan!)

Which means STASHDOWN 2015! There's a hashtag on Instagram and everything (#stashdown15) for those who are interested in playing along, and the rules, if you can call them that, are simple. I will be working through my stash, one bag, box and pile at a time, until it is gone. I used to proudly boast I could fit my stash into just one not-so-big bag, and I want to be back there again. Which means knitting through all the bits and bobs, the acrylic and the wool, from the sock weight to the super bulky.

I'm excited though, because this means I'll be seeking out new patterns to knit from, rather than simply turning to the three patterns I normally use on repeat. If I've been avoiding my stash for the last six months (cough.year.cough), it's because I know I don't want to knit those tried and true patterns with the yarn I've got. So it's time to branch back out, get back to trying new patterns, and dropping down the Ravelry wormhole as I do so!

In the next few weeks I'll be organizing it a bit better, to make knitting through it a little less traumatic. As I organize I'll share, and then I'll also share regular enough updates as I am able to start seeing the trees through the forest.

For those who are feeling a bit overwhelmed by their own stashes, I invite you to join in. It will end up being a much slower go than I think it will be right now, but I also know that having friends along for the ride will make it go by in a flash, and seem fun along the way!

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  1. What a great idea. I just downloaded a bunch of hat and cowl patterns and will match them up with my stash and get to stash busting!