Fringe Hat-Along - Let's Knit Laurus Together!

(photo used with permission from Fringe Association)

I'm super excited for this installment of the Fringe Association Hat Along series! For this, the fourth go-around, Karen has partnered with her friend Diana Walla, of Paper Tiger Crafts, for a color work hat called Laurus!

Perfect for color work novices, Laurus has just a small amount of color work on the body of the hat, with the decreases happening in just the main color. I'm super excited to dive into my stash and find just the perfect colors to make this hat - I'm actually impatiently waiting for Zach to wake up so I can head into our closet and get busy choosing colors!

I've loved every one of Karen's Fringe Hat Alongs that have happened this year, although I haven't always participated. This go-round, however, Karen did me a huge honor, messaging me to see if I could suggest a charity people may want to donate to when finished with their hats! I shared my passion for the Ravelry group Hats And More For War-Torn Syria, and I'm super excited to share that Karen loved the suggestion and has featured it for the Hat Along!

As with all my charity hat making, I love to encourage folks to donate their finished hats wherever they feel compelled. If you've already got a charity you love and donate to regularly, please donate your finished hat there! For me, I've been filling up a package for this group already, and my finished hat might be the one that finishes the bag off, which makes me so happy!

I'll be sharing pictures of my hat as I make it over on Instagram, so follow me there if you aren't already. Who's going to join me for this Hat Along?! You can download the pattern for free over at Fringe Association and on Ravelry, so if you can stash dive for yarn you can make this hat for free!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to try it. My son calls his friend Laurus so I think I have to ; )

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