chicago for the weekend

On Friday I packed up my purse and a backpack and headed off to the airport for a quickie weekend trip to Chicago.


Without my husband. Without Owen.

I was freaking out, to be sure.

My youngest brother, a senior in high school, was performing in one of his last show choir competitions ever, and as I've never seen him perform live, I knew I had to go while I still had the chance. So onto a plane I went.

Eventually. First there were three hours of delays in Omaha thanks to an ice storm in Chicago.

I finally made it to Chicago, where one of my other brothers picked me up. Crashing into bed, I was nervous to not be with my family but super excited for the day ahead of me.

Hugged this doggie, now almost 14 years old, for quite some time before heading out to the all-day show choir festival of awesomeness!

Brad's school (my old high school) hosted the event so his show choir wasn't competing, but I did get to see them perform an exhibition show.

Love that family of mine ... although I was certainly happy to get back home to this little man ...

... who promptly crashed out on me once we got home.