Out And About

There’s so much goodness happening around the Internet, I wanted to have a way to share some of it with you each week. Enjoy!

The ladies of Tin Can Knits are committing to knitting their lists, just like me!

Scrapbooking with not-so-good photos.

In love with this adorable fox hat!

I love Jen's insights on parenting kids who sabotage big days.

Life: Captured is talking life albums, and once again I'm almost convinced to make one.

I've never seen Twin Peaks, but I love this.

Another panelist has finished her Amanda sweater over at Fringe Association!

Selling discontent.

Great round-up of knitting-themed books for kids.

Love this Audrey Hat from Pickles!

Wise and honest words from a mama to her toddler.

Finishing your stocking!


  1. love this feature, out and about..
    lots of lovelies..
    right now working on squares for warm up Cincinnati....


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